In January 2020 I began work at Netflix Animation Studios as the VFX Composite Artist for what would be the most fun project I’ve worked on to date.

A perfect fit personally and artistically, Battle Kitty was challenging, exciting, nostalgic and gave me an opportunity to use pretty much every artistic skill I possess.

While traditional compositing techniques were of frequent request (vignettes, diffuse glows, layer stacking, artifact removal), that was just scratching the surface.

I often contributed digital paintings, motion graphic title sequences, hand drawn 2D animations and on a few occasions was given the freedom to edit short VFX-heavy sequences.

Earning the trust of the Layzell Brothers Matt and Paul and my supervising team John Pham (art director), Amanda McCann (producer) and Chris Kanchananon (Post Supervisor) was so rewarding and made going the extra mile always feel worth the effort. 


Now that the show is airing, I can share my work! 😺

Below you will find a  gallery of stills featuring some of my favorite shots that I worked on, as well as 7 separate movie reels showing before/afters, categorized by type of work:

• 3D Graphics & Titles
• Sparkles, Hearts & Light
• Scene Enhancements & Special Vignettes
• 3D Particle Simulations
• Impacts and HUD animations
• Hand Drawn & 2D Animated Effects 
• Glitch Effects