The examples below are what I pulled together to showcase my ability to design and/or composite within a wide range of styles that are current, contemporary and polished— with no attempt to make them have a “retro/70s” aesthetic.


RadFlight Motion Logo:
Clean and simple interpretation of an existing client logo.

Animated Excerpts from Kaleidoscope:

These are short 2D animations which feature clean, vector-like lines, graphic compositions and fluid motion. Some of the imagery reminds me the more 2D FX aspects of Battle Kitty. Note: “Animation 5” has *sparkles*︎ 

Kaleidoscope Live-Action Compositing examples:

Excerpts that demonstrate the following:
• Sky/background replacement using track mattes
• Greenscreen removal and rotoscoping• Keyframing and repositioning of objects in a scene
• Integration of 3D animated objects into existing scene
• Coloration of final image with post VFX such as diffuse glow, tints, overlays, vignettes and enhanced scene lighting.
• Background design and animation
• Integration of subject against composite background (matched lighting, edge glows etc.)

Mr. Business Animated Short:

Since we didn’t watch this during our meeting, I’m including it in case not everyone has seen it yet. It’s an example of something I’ve made that has many similarities to the style of Battle Kitty.

I designed, modeled and animated the character and airplanes in C4D, then rendered and brought them into After Effects. I used a particle generator for a lot of the background effects, with distortion effects applied on top of that to create organic 2D effects. The explosion was a free asset I found online that I keyed out, then recolored and inverted for stylistic effect.

Visual influences were games like Mario Kart, Mario Galaxy, Sonic Adventure, Pikmin, Super Monkey Ball and Katamari.

Paranormal: The Fourth Activity 3D Titles:
Designed, animated and composited this sequence for a sketch show parodying UFO docuseries.

More Kaleidoscope Animations:
A few more animations from Kaleidoscope.

Cartoon Network/Adult Swim:
For Cartoon Network and Adult Swim I do a lot of product ideation, design and illustration. Here’s a gallery of some polished, non-retro looking artwork and composited mock-ups I made for style guides, presentations and a fashion show.
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Parody Posters:
I made these as parodies of modern movie posters.

︎ THANK YOU! ︎