A lot of my personal work has a “retro” look. While I have a passion for this vibrant lo-fi aesthetic, here are some examples of past work which showcases my ability to design and/or composite within a wide range of styles that are current, contemporary and polished— with no attempt to make them have a “retro/70s” aesthetic.


Animated Excerpts from Kaleidoscope:

These are short 2D animations which feature clean, vector-like lines, graphic compositions and fluid motion. Some of the imagery is similar to work I did on Battle Kitty (unfortunately I can’t share Battle Kitty work until it airs in 2022).

Kaleidoscope Live-Action Compositing examples:

Excerpts that demonstrate the following:
• Sky/background replacement using track mattes
• Greenscreen removal and rotoscoping
• Keyframing and repositioning of objects in a scene
• Integration of 3D animated objects into existing scene
• Coloration of final image with post VFX such as diffuse glow, tints, overlays, vignettes and enhanced scene lighting.
• Background design and animation
• Integration of subject against composite background (matched lighting, edge glows etc.)

Mr. Business Animated Short:

This is an example of something I’ve made that has many similarities to the 3D-Character-design-mixed-with-2D-design-elements style of Battle Kitty.

I designed, modeled and animated the character and airplanes in C4D, then rendered and brought them into After Effects. I used a particle generator for a lot of the background effects, with distortion effects applied on top of that to create organic 2D effects. The explosion was a free asset I found online that I keyed out, then recolored and inverted for stylistic effect.

Other visual influences were games like Mario Kart, Mario Galaxy, Sonic Adventure, Pikmin, Super Monkey Ball and Katamari.

Paranormal: The Fourth Activity 3D Titles:

Designed, animated and composited this sequence for a sketch show parodying UFO docuseries.

More Kaleidoscope Animations:
A few more animated sequences from Kaleidoscope:

Cartoon Network/Adult Swim:
For Cartoon Network and Adult Swim I do a lot of product ideation, design and illustration. Here’s a gallery of some polished, non-retro looking artwork and composited mock-ups I made for style guides, presentations and a fashion show.
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Parody Posters:
I made these as parodies of modern movie posters.

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